Whirlwind taking time to reflect


Dawn L. Brown   Sole Proprietor Business owner 

dba A Bears Second Chance 


Black Bear Photographer , Bear Care & Behavioral Researcher

Take Time To reflect There Is strength & Wisdom Within 

This Photo is of  "Whirlwind"  

He was released back to the wild & 3 other bears: Burdock,Blaze & Feisty were also released approximately   the same time frame/year 


My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

I have been caring for and observing Maine bears for near 2 decades.It is a dream come true ,and oh how the  bears continue to teach me throughout this amazing journey.  I have been so blessed to see their instinctive development , and key behavioral patterns that I have witnessed and documented over the years: single cubs ,sibling units ,and adopted siblings, and yearlings . 

Over the years I have indeed gained a better understanding of  them. It is an honor to know  - that so few out there - will ever be able to see what I have - real time =  I am truly  more grateful than words will ever say.  

 I look at each experience as a learning curve no matter what: good ,bad /or indifferent  , and it isn't always easy ,but I stay strong through thick and thin, and will only continue to give thanks to the bears and for being  apart of their lives. I certainly   have gained a lifelong experience that has allowed me to step into their world,and will continue with future bears that are orphaned /or injured - my experiences  will stay with me always ,and they are  to be reckoned. ( I am in the process of writing  a book,and can only pray that my faith will guide me through the steps of putting it all together)

To learn more about my personal life : My family = Me being Home with my husband Michael whom I love dearly ,and my pups,and  also working for a living = going to work = me and my husband run/own  a small business installing floors,and we go to install floors/jobs . I  give thanks for all of it , and of course my tiny little bear business too; being my special outlet that I clearly need in my life as it  gives me Independence - it is  a peacefulness and love working in my little shop and simply being home sweet home as well  - I also like going to craft and gun shows being  a vendor to sell my bear photos/products , Life sometimes gets hectic  and me working with bears :either photographing them  and caring for them,and observing ;that being the ultimate gratification-It is all a dream come true- it comforts me from the  hecticness that sadly ; I  can so often get to caught up in,and could sure do without the bureaucracy = all that does - is tire me, and waste my time!  

When I see the bears grow,and enjoy life so - simply being bears - that are in their element  - it is a feeling that I can't even explain ,but I thank my Lord above for all of it .The learning never ends ...visit my fb site for the latest updates,and I will do my very best to keep everyone informed with time permitted.    


Photography as Communication It is a great conversation

My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

  I try to always say glass half full  instead of half empty and stay as positive as I can.My little  business:I am a sole proprietor  dba A Bears Second Chance  = I will stay strong and ever persistent, and be the driven individual  that  I am  , and simply  run my little business = Sell my photos/products ,gain some better marketing ideas/skills with some advice , and continue my learning experiences in regard to running my little business - I will also continue to learn from the bears that have so graciously let me a part of  their lives. I  feel beyond blessed to have witnessed  orphaned bear cubs grow and develop over the years , and look forward to the future journey of doing so. I have certainly  gained  knowledge and insight into the mystery of growing cubs  as they develop and grow into bears ; being  a promising note - for giving others the facts rather than misconceptions.  REAL


Sharing Stories and Tying Business into the process - makes good sense

My Background: The past,Present, and Looking into the future

Sharing Stories and Tying Business into the process - makes good sense


I love talking about  the very bears that have given me so much insight - it  welcomes people to listen intently for when I tell their story ,and  so many out there really like that part of it = it gives them more incentive to want to buy  a photo from me, and a greater  understanding about bears = I not only sell people a beautiful photo , but there is a story behind each one - as I watched these cubs  grow  as I  give each  my undivided attention. I,   gotta say - there so much more that  goes along with it all , and many have said - that  I am so passionate about the bears that I call mine , and my knowledge base is intense ;they love hearing my stories. 

I am often repetitive with my writings - because for so many years I have seen repetitive behavioral patterns with bears, and I suppose it is a good thing that I do absorb it, and it never goes away in my thought process - each story stays vivid as it did when I had witnessed it.