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Dawn and Two Small Cubs

About Dawn Brown

I look forward to marketing my bear photos products, and I am the only caretaker and observer of the bears that I, rehabilitate and observe, and I would appreciate that being Noted! I am very grateful for My husband Michael & We have been married for 33 years.

NOTE: He knows the work I do with bears is my business, and he doesn't try to step on my toes - Like others do at times. The bears are my outlet and I simply want to run my business without any glitches /or misinformation that may be out there /or has/had been floating around on the world wide web /or with any entities as well, and /or others. I dissolved Second Chance Wildlife Inc. because it was necessary ,and most know and understand why.

Me & My Husband Michael have resided/lived in New Sharon Maine for 29 years, and I am so thankful and blessed for the land we have bought over the years, and for our cozy home in the middle of the woods. We love our privately owned land and home. I am a strong believer in the right of those who work hard for something, and pay for their privately owned land like we have = We are landowners "Life liberty & the pursuit of land "happiness" I am thankful and blessed for living my dream of caring for bears intensely, and monitoring them and for owning my private land; where the bears have 5 acres to explore, and I am looking forward to having a small shop here at home  someday - little gallery for all my artwork/photos...

How It All Started

Although I have always been fascinated with Black bears, my "Bear" experience started 21 years ago with caring for smaller mammals such as Racoons, skunks, and other critters, but my focus was always set on bears, and the awe that they have imprinted me.I am one of the most driven individuals out there and I never give up - even when the chips are down - I will pick myself back up and will never stop doing so - challenges have only made me stronger. I am passionate about Black bears, and I understand them profoundly and I look forward to the continuation.

Bear Cub Looking at the Camera


As a naturalist, I strive to understand bear psychology, and how they react to different situations. I document scenarios while observing repetitive bear behavioral patterns, and back up just about all my data with writings and recordings.

A Bears Second Chance Is my business, and again I am sole proprietor entity with the goal of having my business thrive in time, by knowing that I have always been transparent to all and I, pray it will help me prosper.

Important Notice

Please note: I have dissolved Second Chance Wildlife Inc. Checks made out to Second Chance Wildlife Inc. will be returned to the senders. The reason Imay often repeat myself - is because some people out there are very confused, and have sadly misrepresented me, and I want to make sure that they have the record, and the facts straight!