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Me & Cub Survivor

                                                                                                                      Dawn L. Brown sole proprietor  DBA  A Bears Second Chance

                                                                                 I am a Maine Black Bear Photographer - Bear care/rehabilitator & Bear behavioral researcher, and educator
I am blessed, and thankful to my Lord, and savior for guiding me cautiously through this life. I am living my dream. I care for bear cubs extensively, and I continue to observe their daily lives either in my smaller bear pens, as well as in my 5-acre pen - natural habitat/landscape – for when I can put bears in there. (2018 I didn’t receive any cub in need of care, but I did receive a yearling and he has my undivided attention and needs extensive care, but I sadly can’t put him in my 5-acre pen) I do understand bear behavioral patterns, and how they adapt and react to different situations. Each bear may have a different scenario that I may have to adjust things to each situation. I hope to keep doing this for many more years and continue my insight even further with tracking one /or two future bears in the wild right around here releasing from home, and track them around here, and beyond = where they decide to travel and make their territory/range – future bears that can be released. I do keep documentation on everything that I can witness - from little cubs in my care to yearlings. Note: I document repetitive bear behavior patterns - odds are - in detail / Realtime - more than anyone out there /or certainly no less, and the cub development adaption data I have gathered over the years Is second to none = I record, and back up near everything I witness

Take Note: Though I work for a living - I take the time to keep an eye on my bears day & night.  I gather natural food during this process, feed supplements, medication if needed and immediate care, clean – bedding, water - for when the vernal pools are, empty/or If I have bears in my smaller pens. I am a driven individual, and proud to say that I built my pens with the help of my husband = we did all the construction for the most part. I, now even do much of the upkeep myself - because I can’t believe how much bias can be out there at times/ misrepresentation at times (Note: most of my time is actually caring for bears and observing them, and taking photographs = now that my pens are built – the upkeep isn’t that time consuming = certain times of the year - it may take a bit longer to tend to thing ,but once done – it is good to go for quite some time)  My bear pens are  built on my/our private property, and it is not public land /nor is it open to the public/nor is it government land and never will be = I do not want anyone ever misinterpreting things, and thinking that the State/ or Government built it /or owns the land/or runs things by any means  = I personally like as limited Government as possible. I don’t have a problem with those whom work in government/some, but I simply don’t want them trying to run my life in any way /or form.  I simply would like to run my little business that I run = my husband Michael does not run my bear business either, and he will be the 1st to say so = he has clearly seen why I get frustrated from time to time and understands completely.

  My focus is for the bears that I care for and their best interest - that means that I keep them secluded, and I am the only caretaker and observer –  and now photographer - because it is beneficial for them, and me,and by me selling my photos - it only makes sense to do so. I do take responsibility - for the most part, and I am an expert at what I do - Bears can be very challenging at times and my years of experience gives me the upper edge . The learning never does end though ,but  I must say over the years I have grown tremendous insight and have been humbled - while giving my thanks overall to the very bears; that have taught me so much over the years.

I look forward to this journey, as well as having a small shop someday at home. I need to market my bear photos, and other products more seriously. I sure would think people would want to make a purchase - simply - because - they would know exactly where all monies go.

Education: I absolutely love being asked questions! I certainly have the knowledge, and then some to educate (lifelong experience) I am indeed a greatly self-taught individual, and an out of the box thinker for sure = I say what I mean, and mean what I say, and document what I witness = No guessing. Dawn L. Brown 

Purchase a beautiful Bear photo and Notecards

 bears I care for and observe are in most cases eventually released back into the wild and they "can, and have done well" my bears live their lives just as other bears within their territory, and they have shown great capabilities, and have exceeded in displaying their instinctive skill, and have intertwined back to where their beginning had started"In The Wild. 

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Dawn L. Brown DBA A bears Second Chance 

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